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Who The Hell is Kerry Wilson?!?

Kerry, a 40 something man has many talents, hobbies, tastes and interests.  Clearly!

He LOVES his craft beer (duh), his football teams (the Raiders and Brisbane Lions) and even better when they WIN, or else extra craft beer and cuddles are needed to sooth his wounded soul when they lose.

He loves Dr Who, Jack Daniels and having a decent beard (much to the wifes dismay).

Speaking of the Brew Wifey, aka Rach.... He is her Mr Wonderful (she called him that in the book she wrote so it must be true!) They met in December 2000, married in April 2003 and are Team Wilson in every way.

He is a hands-on and doting father of 4. 3 are biologically his and the eldest may as well be as he sees her as his anyway!  Kadi is 21, she is his beer buddy.  Tylah is 15, is his mini and enjoys football with him.  Jakson is the son he almost thought he wouldn't have and has been a wonderful surprise in many ways being non-verbal and autistic, and then baby Corey was the surprise no one saw coming but a bundle of awesomeness all the same.

Kerry has always been a beer lover and was a home brewer for over a decade, a love that was shared by his brother and uncle.  He started with the kits and then went to the trouble of learning about how to brew more of it from scratch, so has always been keen to learn and experiment with more flavours.

Now with the craft beer culture growing as rapidly as it has, there are no end of great beers to spend his life and free time experiencing and enjoying... and then sharing about.

His life purpose is really his kids and enjoying his beers, oh and some Destiny 2 with the wife and older kids, and a bit of working-for-a-living on the side.

An all round great guy, great father, great husband and great lover of beer.  Who wouldn't want to have a mate like Kerry?!?

Kerry Wilson and Corey
Kerry and Baby Corey
Kerry Wilson and Kadi
Kerry and his beer buddy Kadi!
Kerry Wilson and Tylah
Kerry and his "mini" Tylah!
Kerry Wilson and Jaks
Kerry and his neurodiverse son, Jakson
Kerry and Ron
Kerry and his best brother, Ron
The Brew Garden