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Whiplash – Working Title Brewing

Whiplash - Working Title Brewing

REVIEW So, what better way to celebrate the end of the working week than with a brew from my favourite beer geeks! Working Title Brewing Co. smash another one out of the park with this big, malty, chewy delicious yet still fruity Triple Red IPA. It’ll make you double take so hard you’ll get Whiplash!…

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Miami on my Mind – Bay Rd Brewing

Miami on my Mind - Bay Rd Brewing

REVIEW: Here we go with new beer number 3 of 4 from Bay Rd Brewing this week. It is a Tropical IPA called Miami on my Mind. Once again Nicholas Robinson ( has come up with some more awesome can art! Let’s go where the Flamingoes! What they say: If Sonny and Ricardo had a knock-off…

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At Least Give Me My Forks Back – Bay Rd Brewing

At Least Give Me My Forks Back - Bay Rd Brewing

REVIEW: And nEvery now and then brewers are allowed to brew what they really wanna brew… and that’s lagers! So with great glee, Head Brewer Simon at Bay Rd Brewing has hit us with his Dry Hop Lager called At Least Give Me My Forks Back! No, I don’t get it either! But more cool label…

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My Name is Red – Bay Rd Brewing

My Name is Red - Bay Rd Brewing

REVIEW: The legends at Bay Rd Brewing have done it again with a quadruple release of new beers this week. My pick of the bunch is this sensational Double Sour called My Name Is Red! Just look at that color! And the amazing label art by Nicholas Robinson ( What they say: First you’ll see RED,…

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Fresh IPA MAR 20 – Garage Project

Fresh IPA MAR 20 - Garage Project

REVIEW: Who’s loving the new Garage Project online Aussie store? Gimme a hell yeah! I SAID GIMME A HELL YEAH!!! So on the day it came online my good mate Dan Ivey and I quickly put in our order for the Fresh IPA MAR 20. My first can was devoured before I had time to…

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Jedi Juice – Hop Nation Brewing Co

Jedi Juice - Hop Nation Brewing Co

REVIEW: Vale. Well, this is the last goodbye to the great can art on Hop Nation Brewing Co Jedi Juice NEIPA. Another victim of the nanny state. The beer will go on, but we will miss the Princess. What they say: The hazy, New England style IPAs are everywhere, but Hop Nation were one of the first…

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DDH Hazy IPA – Bay Rd Brewing

Amazing Pour of the DDH Hazy

REVIEW: After work drinks on Friday afternoon at Bay Rd Brewing for the release of their new beer, a DDH Hazy IPA!! After all the incessant requests from customers, they have finally shown us all what they can do… and I’m bloody excited!!! The head brewer at Bay Rd is now Simon, formerly from Willie the…

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Stratasphere – Dainton Brewery

Stratasphere - Dainton Brewery

REVIEW: So here we go again with another new flavour in the Dainton Brewery never ending cavalcade of new releases. Today, we’re exploring the Stratasphere with a Single Hop Hazy IPA. What they say: There you go, Strata Boy, on your flight into space. Hoppy high, through the sky, for adventures soon you will face!…

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Dry Haze – Balter Brewing x Garage Project

Dry Haze - Balter Brewing x Garage Project

REVIEW: The latest hype train that has taken Instagram by storm is the Balter Brewing Co collaboration with Garage Project. This is the Balter version, and even though I’m not sure how much I like Sabro hops… I just had to give this one a try. All aboard the Dry Haze New England IPA express!!…

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India Red Ale – Prancing Pony Brewery

India Red Ale - Prancing Pony Brewery

REVIEW: My third and final can from Prancing Pony Brewery is the India Red Ale, a red Double IPA. It’s a rainy old day outside but how good is it to finally have some rain!!! I just hope some of this wetness is landing on the bushfires. In the meantime….. giddy up! What they say:…

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