Cosmonaut – Wayward Brewing

Cosmonaut - Wayward Brewing

Cosmonaut – Wayward Brewing


We’re into double digits with day #10 of the Beer Cartel Advent Calendar! I accidentally spied the distinctive Wayward Brewing Company can top when I removed yesterday’s beer from the box, but still had the happy surprise of what kind of beer they supplied. The Brew Wifey was also very keen to give this one a try, so I best be sharing this Cosmonaut Cranberry & Orange Sour Ale!

What they say: A bright, zippy, super refreshing Sour Ale amped up with the classic flavour combination of Cranberry & Orange. Brewed in collaboration with our mates at Beer Cartel, exclusively for their 2019 Advent Calendar.

What I say: Pours a beautiful pinky orange. Lovely orange flavour and a little bit of cranberry tartness, not too sour. It’s quite light and refreshing. Wayward Brewing sours are hereby endorsed by The Brew Wifey and approved for further procurement 😊🍻

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


8 🍊 out of 10


Brewery: Wayward Brewing

Location: Camperdown, NSW, Australia

Style: Sour Ale

Format: 375ml can

ABV: 4%


Purchased at: Beer Cartel


Wayward Brewing

Beer Cartel

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