Saison’s Greetings – Bentspoke Brewing Co

Saison's Greetings - Bentspoke Brewing Co

Saison’s Greetings – Bentspoke Brewing Co


As soon as I opened door #2 in my Beer Cartel Advent Calendar, I knew that the next tin was from BentSpoke Brewing Co !! Woo!!

So it’s Saison’s Greetings from one of my fave breweries!

What they say: Originating in Wallonia, this style is brewed in the colder months, aged through spring, ready for farm workers to quench their thirst in the fields. Saisons’ origin goes back to the beginning of agriculture where workers needed a safe to drink beverage and lots of it!

BentSpoke’s spiced interpretation (with allspice, bitter orange, cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg) draws inspiration from a traditional Xmas pudding. With aromas of spice, clove phenols and pear esters, a medium body and assertive spicy bitterness, Saison’s Greetings promises a Christmas celebration that includes lots of quenching!

What I say: So I’m still a bit of a noob when it comes to Saisons…. but this is what I get…

Aroma is yeasty Xmas. I’m not sure I can explain it any better!! Lol! Lots of clove or peppery spice in the first few sips as well as that distinctive saison taste and some cinnamon and nutmeg. But then the pear starts to shine through, and although there is still clove, it’s much nicer overall. That little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon really makes it more christmassy for mine. Was gonna say “Although I did enjoy this beer, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again.” But it grew on me and was quite refreshing in the end.

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


7.5 out of 10


Brewery: Bentspoke Brewing Co.

Location: Braddon, ACT, Australia

Style: Farmhouse Ale – Saison

Format: 375ml can

ABV: 5%

IBU: 52

Purchased at: Beer Cartel


Bentspoke Brewing Co.

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