India Red Ale – Prancing Pony Brewery

India Red Ale - Prancing Pony Brewery

India Red Ale – Prancing Pony Brewery


My third and final can from Prancing Pony Brewery is the India Red Ale, a red Double IPA. It’s a rainy old day outside but how good is it to finally have some rain!!! I just hope some of this wetness is landing on the bushfires. In the meantime….. giddy up!

What they say: This big and bold India Red Ale, this beer has won a Supreme Champion Trophy at the International beer Challenge in London in 2016. It is a bold beer and one of our most passionate beer creations. Generous caramel characters form the backbone of that extra long flavour. Intense, yet balanced hop bitterness with a big hop aroma, packed with citrus, passionfruit and tropical ale characters. A strong, full bodied and balanced Ale that hits you with flavours.

What I say: She’s a lovely looking red. A nice balance of hoppy fruitiness and chewy sweet malt. She’s strong, smooth and nicely bitter. But all up, well balanced and delicious!

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


out of 10


Brewery: Prancing Pony Brewery

Location: Tortness, South Australia, Australia

Style: Double Red IPA

Format: 375ml can

ABV: 7.9%

IBU: 60

Sample provided by: Prancing Pony Brewery


Prancing Pony Brewery

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