Super Fresh Vol 2 – Garage Project

Super Fresh Vol. 2 - Garage Project

Super Fresh Vol. 2 – Garage Project


My oh my how I love me some Garage Project beers!!! I was lucky enough to try the first Super Fresh on tap last year, and it was simply amazing!! One of my top beers for 2019. So when my beer brother @tilsener snaffled some cans of Super Fresh Vol 2 for us, I was weeping tears of joy. Let’s dance!

What they say: It’s time to get Super Fresh. More hazy goodness, more malt mouthfeel with ripe oats and rye, and more hops bursting with juicy tropical fruit, citrus and pine. All this packed into a guaranteed brewery fresh 440ml can. It’s so fresh it’s super fresh. Get your booties on the dance floor.

What I say: Magnificent! Wow! Super Fresh Vol 2 pours like a big ol’ hazy glass of juice, stunning! It smells super juicy, piney and floral.

And the taste… oh my gawd it tastes goooooooooood! Lots of stone fruit and tropical fruit flavours…. and then some citrus and pine. It has a bit more bitterness than the first version, but I’m totally digging it.

She’s a big 10% ABV but she wears it well. If you can find it, stock up… she’s limited edition and bloody fantastic!

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


out of 10


Brewery: Garage Project

Location: Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand

Style: IPA – Triple

Format: 440ml can

ABV: 10%


Provided by: My good mate, Adrian (@tilsnener)


Garage Project


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