Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale – Nomad Brewing Co.

Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale - Nomad Brewing Co.

Budgy Smuggler Pale Ale – Nomad Brewing Co.


I’ve been impressed with the beers coming out of Nomad Brewing Co. , and this one certainly made me smile when I read the label the first time. They have collaborated with Budgy Smuggler to release this Pale Ale with four different can designs. Let’s dive in!

What they say: Nothing spells summer more than a beer and Budgy’s! That’s why Budgy Smugglers and Nomad have teamed up to give you summer in a can with this cracking pale ale. Bursting with fruit and citrus hops with a great clean, crisp finish that will make anyone happy to parade in their Budgy Smugglers.

What I say: Oh when you crack the can you really smell that tropical fruity aroma, The Brew Wifey thought I’d opened a juice! The taste is very tropical with next to no bitterness. I get pineapple, mango, passionfruit, citrus… it almost reminds me a little of Passiona soft drink. It’s light and refreshing with a nice crisp finish. Easy to drink and crushable.

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


out of 10


Brewery: Nomad Brewing Co.

Location: Brookvale, NSW, Australia

Style: Pale Ale – Australian

Format: 330ml can

ABV: 5%


Sample from: Nomad Brewing Co.


Nomad Brewing Co.

Budgy Smuggler website

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