South Pacific Luau POG – NOMAD Brewing Co.

South Pacific Luau POG - NOMAD Brewing Co.

South Pacific Luau POG – NOMAD Brewing Co.


So for those that have watched my latest Instagram IGTV video, you’ll know that the legends at Nomad Brewing Co. have sent me a little surprise package, and one of the beers included was South Pacific Luau P.O.G !!

I love me some Passionfruit Orange and Guava juice, so lets get cracking!

What they say: We dropped a little of the Aloha spirit into our South Pacific Dream by adding the quintessential Hawaiian fruit combination P.O.G. Passionfruit, Orange & Guava. So Grab your grass skirt and lei as the fruit and hop combination sends your tastebuds on a tropical journey.

What I say: How great is the packaging on this can? It’s just begging to be cracked open so you can get a taste of summer! The nose is just gorgeous with all that passionfruit and orangey goodness (and guava I assume… I’ve never had guava by itself!) The taste is delicious… fruity, light and refreshing. Very smashable, and mine certainly didn’t last long and I could have very happily smashed another one.

Thanks to NOMAD Brewing Co. for sending me this can to try 😊🍻

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


7.5 🍊 out of 10


Brewery: NOMAD Brewing Co.

Location: Brookvale, NSW, Australia

Style: Pale Ale

Format: 330ml can

ABV: 4.1%


Provided by: NOMAD Brewing Co.


NOMAD Brewing Co.

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