Enter Night Pilsner – Stone Brewing

Enter Night Pilsner - Stone Brewing

Enter Night Pilsner – Stone Brewing


Back in ‘03, The Brew Wifey organised our 2 month USA honeymoon around the Metallica Summer Sanitarium concert in Orlando. The same trip is when I discovered the amazing Stone Brewing and their Arrogant Bastard. So, when these two powerhouses joined forces to create Enter Night Pilsner… I had to back drop the photo with that tour shirt!

What they say: It’s on. It’s time to get started. To crank things up. To get loud.

That thumping you feel in your chest isn’t your imagination. It’s your heart. It’s life. It’s the rockin’ tunes. It’s your inspiration wanting to break out. It ain’t gonna sit there waiting, so mutherf**king grab it.

This is a Collaboration in the truest sense between two entities that were born on the fringes. We’ve navigated life from a different perspective. We imagined things differently from what they were, and set about using our art to change the world according to our vision. We started being misunderstood by many, and loved by few. Today that’s the same…but that ‘few’ has become ‘more.’ A LOT more. That’s you, my friend, and we’re stoked you’re with us on this journey.

The day is winding down. It’s time to get started. No more waiting. It’s time to get LOUD. It’s time to Enter Night.

What I say: Looks and smells like a Pilsner (funnily enough!) Theres almost a little bit of IPA taste in there with the hops, and a nice little bitterness. All up it’s a nice refreshing Pilsner. If they serve these at the Sydney gig in October… it’s on! 🤘🤘 We’re off to Never-Never Land 🤘🤘

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


🤘  out of 10


Country: United States of America

Brewery: Stone Brewing (Arrogant Consortia)

Style: Pilsner

Format: 473ml can (1 Pint)

ABV: 5.7%

IBU: 45

Bought from: Page Bottler


Stone Brewing

Page Bottler

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