Chipotle Panther – Little Bang Brewing Co

Chipotle Panther - Little Bang Brewing Co

Chipotle Panther – Little Bang Brewing Co


Day #13 of the Beer Cartel Advent Calendar! As I pulled this can out of the box I was all at once excited because it’s from Little Bang Brewing Co and also sphincter clenchingly scared about a ring of fire. But never the less, it’s time to let loose the Chipotle Panther Smoked Chili Chocolate Porter!!

What they say: La majestuosa pantera se desliza por la oscuridad, tan silenciosa y poderosa como el humo que flota entre los jalapeños. El viajero feliz no tiene idea de lo que hay en la deliciosa oscuridad, esperando. ¡El fuego del chipotle es grande y mortal como la pantera!

The majestic panther glides through the darkness, as silent and powerful as the smoke that floats among the Jalapeños. The happy traveler has no idea what is in the delicious darkness, waiting. The chipotle fire is big and deadly like the panther!

What I say: So I’d seen a few comments that this beer was really fizzy when you open it, so when I cracked it I promptly sucked the overflow off the top of the can to prevent wastage… HOLY JEEBUS MOTHER OF DOG… the smoky heat ripped off my lips and punched me in the throat! Ok….. so it was a bit of a shock!

So after the massive fizz on opening it poured with a quickly disappearing head so that it looks like a glass of motor oil. There’s quite a smokey malty aroma. The taste is all about that chilli. Woo! I can feel it on my lips, back of my mouth and in my throat, it really lingers. I’m sure there is chocolate hiding in there somewhere, but my taste buds are doing the stop, drop and roll. This beer is like Tough Mudder. It’s fun despite the electrocution and ice baths…

But what would I know? I’m just a guy that loves great beer 😊🍺


7 🌋 out of 10


Brewery: Little Bang Brewing Co

Location: Stepney, SA, Australia

Style: Porter

Format: 375ml can

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 32

Purchased at: Beer Cartel


Little Bang Brewing Co

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