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Fresh IPA MAR 20 – Garage Project

Fresh IPA MAR 20 - Garage Project

REVIEW: Who’s loving the new Garage Project online Aussie store? Gimme a hell yeah! I SAID GIMME A HELL YEAH!!! So on the day it came online my good mate Dan Ivey and I quickly put in our order for the Fresh IPA MAR 20. My first can was devoured before I had time to…

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Dry Haze – Balter Brewing x Garage Project

Dry Haze - Balter Brewing x Garage Project

REVIEW: The latest hype train that has taken Instagram by storm is the Balter Brewing Co collaboration with Garage Project. This is the Balter version, and even though I’m not sure how much I like Sabro hops… I just had to give this one a try. All aboard the Dry Haze New England IPA express!!…

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Super Fresh Vol 2 – Garage Project

Super Fresh Vol. 2 - Garage Project

REVIEW: My oh my how I love me some Garage Project beers!!! I was lucky enough to try the first Super Fresh on tap last year, and it was simply amazing!! One of my top beers for 2019. So when my beer brother @tilsener snaffled some cans of Super Fresh Vol 2 for us, I…

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Pernicious Weed – Garage Project

Pernicious Weed - Garage Project

REVIEW: I’ve heard lots of great things about Pernicious Weed by Garage Project . It took out #1 in the NZ Hottest 100 beers and you just gotta love the can art! So after a hard days toil doing yard work… lets indulge in one of New Zealand’s finest brews! What they say: The arrival…

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